The Three-Ways Love Affair Of The Social Sector


Shani Giladi, Director, Capacity Building Programs, Marom Group



 The third sector has gone through a revolution in the past decade which rooted the common notion that improvement of the general management of an NGO will surely lead to a better social impact. Now the main dilemma is what should be the best way to do so. A preferred method to enhance the abilities of an NGO is by investing in Capacity Building programs, by engaging an external consultant.


 The term “Capacity Building” originated in the business sector. It is a process that looks across all of the business activities a company carries out to find ways to develop skills and processes so that it can meet its goals. For example, develop better reporting skills, train the board in financial abilities or implement a customer-relationship-management system.


In the last couple of years, we see that the social sphere is adopting a more business-like point of view and management culture, while being widely assisted by external professionals. Foundations, donors and social investors choose to be guided by consulting organizations, aiming to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the NGOs; whether by courses for administrative staff, implementing assessment and evaluation techniques or strategic plans that need a tweak.


 The relationships between Philanthropy and NGOs are complexed and diverse to begin with. When professional entities are entering the field, they shift this “tango for two” into a “three-ways love story”.


Looking into the emerging market of Capacity Building in the third sector, we find that there are many questions that arise when an external advisor takes the dance. Questions such as how to set the goals of the advisory process; Defining who is the client; How much involvement should the philanthropist have; Who decides what are the milestones and methods, etc. These questions are largely left unanswered. But, without addressing them at the beginning of the process, it surely defects its success.


We wish to design initial guidelines for Capacity Building Processes by discussing the above questions and others in a democratic manner, bringing all three dancers to the table. Marom Group in partnership with the San Francisco Jewish Federation will conduct a collaborative gathering, a platform to share experience and address critical dilemmas, in March 2017.



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