The Team

Amit Marom - Founder of the Marom Group
and the Marom Foundation

After serving for 14 years (1993 – 2007) in a variety of commanding positions in the Israeli paratroopers’ brigade and as the assistant to the Defense Attaché at the Israeli Embassy in Washington DC, Amit turned to the growing social financial arena and joined Elem, a leading Israeli NGO providing services to at-risk youth.

While holding the position of International Development Director for two years, Amit formed meaningful relationships with many Israeli and international social organizations, and began finding ways for them to optimize social return and enhance social models through utilization of effective business models. In 2009, Amit founded Marom Group, a leading international social investments house, and in 2011, he founded Marom Foundation in order to support young social entrepreneurs around the world. As part of his philanthropic activities, Amit is a board member at a variety of social organizations.

Amit holds an MBA in Business Administration with a major in Finance, Marketing & Human Resources, and is currently completing his law degree. He is married to Yafit and is a father to Tsur, Oz and Yahav. In his free time Amit is a triathlete, a golfer and an enthusiastic book collector.

   Amit with suite


Dana Maman - Executive Director

Dana has been a social activist since a very young age. Over the years she volunteered with people with AIDS, recovering drug addicts and at-risk youth. Later on, Dana managed a students’ legal aid program, and also assisted in the production of TEDx Holyland.

On the summer of 2011, Dana saw an opportunity to make her dream of a just Israel - a stronger, more aware and more engaged Israeli society - a reality. Dana became a main activist in the Israeli Social Movement (The Tent Protest of 2011), coordinating many of the activities, strategies and interactions between individuals and groups within the protest. When the hundreds of thousands of protesters parted with the streets and the tents all over the country, Dana remained committed to the cause and established two non-profit social justice organizations. To create her first organization, she partnered with Yonatan Levi, Alon-Lee Green and Stav Shaffir (current Member of Knesset), and the second organization was founded along with Daphni Leef. During that time, Dana also created and managed The Lab - Training Program for Social Change. Dana later completed her legal internship at ACRI - Association for Civil Rights in Israel, passed the Bar exam and became a VP of Financial and Business Development at the Heschel Center for Sustainability, heading a process of financial and organizational recovery. From 2015 and until joining Marom Group, Dana acted as a Corporate Social Responsibility Manager at Shikun&Binui, where she designed a system which efficiently manages and measures the group’s sustainability performance. She also developed Work Plans to ensure constant progress in this field.

Dana is a mother to Orianne and Aviv, and partner to Limor.  

Dana Maman


Ilil Comay-Dror - Project Manager

After practicing law for several areas (Employment, Criminal and Family law), Ilil decided to change course and go back to working with social change organizations. In line with her dream to make the world a better place, Ilil joined Taglit-Birthright Israel's fundraising department, and now she is part of Marom Group where she continues to assist NGOs, foundations and organizations in affecting social change. Ilil's work at Marom Group is enhanced by her extensive knowledge of NGOs and her familiarity with the fundraising arena. Ilil also brings her experience as an officer in the IDF reserve duty to work. Ilil holds a LL.B. degree and M.A. in Gender studies from Bar Ilan University. Ilil is married to Yair and the mother of Kedem and Mata. In her free time she likes to travel and experience new cultures and philosophies in Israel and around the world.

Ilil Comay Dror


Noam Rabinovich - Project Manager

Noam received her B.A. degree in International Politics from City University London and completed her M.A. in Human Rights (with distinction) from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Prior to joining Marom Group, Noam worked as Director of International Relations for Gisha - Legal Center for Freedom of Movement, where she oversaw the organization's resource development and international advocacy efforts, as well as led the organization's monitoring and evaluation work. Noam also worked as a Fundraising Manager at the New Israel Fund UK, and before that served as an International Relations Associate at B’Tselem – the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories.  

 Noam Rabinovich


Alon Shachar - Executive Assistant to Founder & CEO

Alon received his B.A. degree in Psychology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and completed his M.B.A. at the Jerusalem School of Business Administration as well as a program at The Lafer Center for Gender Studies. Prior to joining Marom Group, Alon worked as the Co-Executive Director of Sadaka-Reut: Arab-Jewish Youth Partnership, where he oversaw all the managerial aspects of the organization, including educational programs, finances, fundraising and human resources. Alon also worked as an Operations Coordinator and Community Coordinator at the Jerusalem Open House for Pride and Tolerance and since 2011 has been volunteering in HOSHEN - the education center of the LGBT community in Israel, by leading workshops promoting understanding and acceptance of the LGBT community.

 Alon Shachar

Darina (Dasha) Privalko - Special Projects

Darina (Dasha) Privalko is originally from Kiev (Ukraine) and has over 13 years of hands-on work experience in the fields of project & strategic development, outreach and fundraising. She has worked extensively with Jewish institutions and communities, NGOs, startups and social entrepreneurs in the Former Soviet Union (FSU), Israel, Europe, and USA. In the past, she has served as the Regional Development and Outreach Director of the Jewish student organization Hillel in the FSU, Vice-President of Fundraising for the Russian Jewish Congress (Moscow) and CEO of Leadel FLY Conference, which connects Israeli and European innovators, investors and experts.

As an acknowledged expert in the field of Jewish communal life in Ukraine, Darina was commissioned by the Institute for Jewish Policy Research (London) to conduct an extensive survey titled “Jewish life in Ukraine: Achievements, challenges and priorities from the collapse of communism to 2013”, published in 2014. Darina holds an M.A in Economics and Marketing from the International Solomon University (Ukraine) and is currently working towards her degree in Social Media Marketing from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University (Chicago). In her spare time, Darina enjoys sports and traveling, and nurtures her "baby-project", the International Sport Camp “J-Sport”.

Darina Privalko 

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